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A Brief History

For over 48 years, Troy Literacy Council (TLC) has worked to alleviate illiteracy in Miami County by
providing free, volunteer-based, one-on-one tutoring to individuals seeking to improve reading
and writing skills. 

TLC was founded in 1972 when a group of Presbyterian women in Troy recognized the need for an adult literacy program in the community. Led by Evelyn Dunham, they formed the organization Literacy is for Everyone (LIFE), and began training volunteer tutors in the Laubach method. TLC remains connected to those original Laubach literacy roots by operating under the umbrella of the national adult literacy program, ProLiteracy, and by embracing Laubach's motto, "Each One, Teach One." 

Some people might think, "Oh, I can't teach. I'm not a teacher." While many of our tutors are former educators, TLC is a volunteer run organization, including the administration. That means in order for TLC to run smoothly, we need diverse people with a wide variety of skills. We need social media savvy people to run our platforms, marketers or graphic designers, lawyers to advise, event organizers, and the list goes on.  Whatever your skill set, we likely have a use for it, so please consider joining us today. Click HERE to fill out a brief application. 

Tutor Training


Originally TLC offered a 12-hour training course to new tutors, but based on tutor time constraints, we have since switched to a program referred to as "just-in-time" training, which utilizes on-line training offered by ProLiteracy combined with as many in-person sessions with our Tutor Trainer as needed to make you feel comfortable. In addition to on-line training, our Tutor Trainer also meets with each tutor one-on-one for additional training, mentoring, and answering questions or concerns. 

Troy Literacy serves between 20 to 40 students each year from in and around Miami County. Many of our students are are functionally illiterate. Being functionally illiterate means that they can probably read and write a little, but do not have the skills needed to move ahead in the workplace, read prescriptions, understand hospital discharge papers, and other necessary daily tasks. These students are a mixture of native English speakers and non-native English speakers. Each of their goals are unique to their situation. We serve them by teaching reading, writing, English as a second language, math, GED training, job skills, or helping with practical necessities like assisting them to get a driver's license. 

We serve our students by providing one-on-one tutoring to help them gain the skills they want. Each of their goals are unique to their situation. We serve them by teaching reading, writing, English as a Second Language (ESL), math, GED training, job skills, or by helping with practical necessities like getting their driver's license.


Tutoring is scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time, determined by the student and the tutor. The tutor and student also decide how often to meet, and what public location works for them. 

There are other literacy programs in and around Miami county whose goals over-lap with the Troy Literacy Council, but who serve a different audience. One way we are different from other local programs is that we do not have mandatory pre- and post testing required for funding. Other programs ask students to sit through hours of standardized testing before they are allowed in the program, as well as progress tests once in the program. Because Troy Literacy Council is is privately funded by donations, students can begin learning with their tutor right away. 


Troy Literacy Council is also different from other local adult programs because we believe in one-on-one tutoring.  Traditional classrooms are okay for some adults, but for many, they are places students do not thrive. Instead of group classes, Troy Literacy  provides adults who want or need individualized instruction that opportunity, at their pace, and at a time/place that works for them.

Troy Literacy Council is a registered non-profit organization led by volunteers. Our services are provided for free, and we are funded 100% through donations and grants. Our mission would not be possible without our community support. 


Our educational materials, supplied free of charge to students and tutors, are funded by donations from The Troy Foundation, Altrusa International, Miami County Foundation, and grants through the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. Additional contributions are made by community members through Kroger Community Rewards. 


Other parts of the community also make our mission possible through the donation of venues and space. Troy-Miami County Public Library allows us storage space for our educational material, works with us to provide tutoring spaces, and allows us to make copies on their machines. The Troy-Hayner Cultural Center has provided us with space for tutoring sessions, classes, and meetings. 

This generous support allows Troy Literacy to continue its mission, which is to improve the quality of life in the Miami County, Ohio area by providing free, confidential, one-on-one tutoring in basic education for native born adults and non-native speakers who want to learn English as another language. If you would like to support our program, please consider clicking on one of the links below. 

Who We Serve

How We Serve

How We Are Different


Tutor Training
Who We Serve
How We Serve
How We Are Different
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help support our mission

The mission of Troy Literacy Council is to improve the quality of life for Miami County residents by providing free, confidential, one-on-one basic education to any resident. We are staffed by wonderful volunteers, but there are still expenses to running the organization. Please consider clicking on one of the buttons below to help support our mission. 

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