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Adult Literacy Tutoring

Troy Literacy Council offers assistance with strengthening your basic reading, writing, and/or math skills.  Our one-on-one tutoring sessions are developed according to your needs. Set a goal, and let us help you make it happen.

ESL Tutoring

Troy Literacy Council offers English as a Second Language tutoring to improve your written and spoken English language skills.  Our one-on-one tutoring sessions will allow you to learn, practice, and review at your own pace. 

GED Tutoring

Troy Literacy Council offers assistance in helping you to prepare for and practice to take the GED.  Your tutoring sessions will be based on the skills you will need to meet with success, including reading, writing, math, science, and civics. 

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is the ability to find, evaluate, and communicate information on a digital platform. Digitally literate people are able to type, create different types of documents, navigate the internet, and manipulate images and audio. If you need help learning the basics of digital literacy, please consider contacting us or clicking on one of the links below. 

Digital Literacy Links

Research Tool-kit: Developed by Wright State University Library staff, the Research Tool-kit is a series of videos with audio that will walk you through evaluating information from the internet, and how to find the best information quickly. 

Information Technology Application: Part of the Learn to Earn tool-kit, this link will take you to interactive activities to learn to use workplace communication technology. 

Digital Literacy Assessment and Learning: This link takes you to an on-line assessment of your digital literacy skills and lessons to help improve your weak areas. It was created by Northstar, a program of Literacy Minnesota

Adult Literacy Tutoring
ESL Tutoring
GED Tutorig
Digital Literacy
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