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You've got skills, use them

Updated: May 4, 2022

By Sarah Bay

My involvement with Troy Literacy Council began in 2016 when I moved to Troy. I was newly married, expecting my first daughter, spent most of my free time napping or renovating our new-to-us house, and was desperate to connect with our new community.

I began as a tutor for an ESL student. Then I filled in as substitute secretary when the current officer couldn't attend one of the monthly general membership meetings. Within a year I was the secretary. I want to say that my involvement snowballed, that it was totally out of my control; but in reality, I kept seeing ways to use my skills, and I kept volunteering them.

It started with transitioning TLC to digital/paperless administration. Then developing a website (and teaching myself to make websites). Then coming up with community collaborations. Then the library needed updating, and I started writing grants... and the list goes on.

I keep thinking, "We need x, y, and z. I can do that. And if not me, who?"


Please, you.

Think about it. Establishing and maintaining a Google Drive for TLC only takes basic computer knowledge. Updating the library is sorting out old material, shopping for new, and keeping it organized. There are likely thousands of people in Troy who can design a better website than me. And if you're a member of a community somewhere in Miami County, I'm confident you have connections we could use.

There are hundreds of skills needed to run a non-profit organization. Many of our volunteers tutor adult students, but teaching isn't for everyone. We need marketing, social media experts, fundraisers, people to sit at our booth, advocates within the community, educators, lawyers, librarians, event organizers, accountants, builders, and encouraging faces. Contact us at because I'm sure you have a skill we want.

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